Tomorrow's Today Kelly LeBrock Burt Young Timothy Hines TomorrowsToday

A hopeless grifter trying to reform his ways collides with a loser named Tommy G, who thinks he's a dead ringer for Tom Hardy.

They rob a liquor store to pay a gambling debt to a mob boss, only to find out the store is owned by the mobster.
“Well worth your time.”
— Bradley Gibson, Filmthreat

“This award-winning feature offers an entertaining experience.
— Jason Knight, UK Film Review

“‘Tomorrow’s Today' is a perfect marriage of crime and humor.”
— G.W., Indie FIlm Critics

Directed By Timothy Hines, (10 Days in a Madhouse) Executive Producer Dominick Martini, (Brawler) Produced by Susan Goforth (War of the Worlds The True Story), Greg Kritikos. Starring Joanne Scorcia, Dave Morrissey Jr., Annunziato Carbone, Greg Kritikos, Heather Cole.

With Kelly Le Brock (Woman in Red, Weird Science) as Donna and Academy Award Nominee Burt Young (Rocky) as Luca. 

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