10 Days in a Madhouse - The Nellie Bly Story

19 Weeks in US theaters.
Distributed in the US through Universal Home Entertainment, Broad Green Pictures, Encore InFlight Entertainment, Lighthouse Entertainment, and TriCoast Worldwide...Now on all major streaming platforms.
Distributed in over 60 countries    .    Competitor in the 2017 Academy Awards.
Prior productions include 10 DAYS IN A MADHOUSE - THE NELLIE BLY STORY. Starring Caroline Barry, Christopher Lambert, Kelly Le Brock and Julia Chantrey. PREMIERE - GEENA DAVIS' Bentonville Film Festival for Women and Diversity, Cannes Marché du film during the Cannes Film Festival in May. Top 3 trending film on the Internet during Cannes. In US Theaters November 11th, 2015 for 19 weeks. On all VOD worldwide streaming Amazon, iTunes, Vudu, Googleplay and more. 

Pendragon Pictures previously produced WAR OF THE WORLDS THE TRUE STORY, theatrically released, critically acclaimed 85th Oscar contender.

"Hugely inventive and ambitious…packed with a truly impressive and clever mix of editing, special effects, visual artistry and offbeat storytelling.
- Gary Goldstein, Los Angeles Times

"Carries the suspense and drama of both the 1953 movie and Spielberg’s 2005 version but in a more realistic manner through its documentary style."
Steven Rose, Jr., Sacramento Examiner.
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Timothy Hines

Award-winning filmmaker Timothy Hines is best known for his ahead-of-the-curve feminist drama 10 Days In A Madhouse - the Nellie Bly Story and the most beloved H.G. Wells faithfully-adapted scifi film War Of The Worlds The True Story. A true renaissance man, Hines’ expertise in all areas of filmmaking has made him a part of many significant movie projects as the unseen fixer brought on to get movies back on production track and edited to successful completion. Hines has acted as VFX supervisor on a long list of main stream feature films such as Bad Kids of Crestview Academy starring Sammy Hanratty, Sean Astin and Gina Gershon and Wind Walkers starring Rudy Youngblood, Glen Powell and Zane Holtz.  In partnership with School of Old, Hines edited, photographed and directed Tomorrow's Today as well as having written the film’s narration and additional scenes and scenarios. His next projects include the fantasy drama Earth Angel and scifi series Chrome. 

Susan Goforth

Susan Goforth is a producer, actress, singer, songwriter best known for War Of The Worlds The True Story and 10 Days In A Madhouse, one of Variety’s top trending movies. She is a magna cum laude graduate of The Boston Conservatory at Berklee, has toured extensively in Broadway musicals and shows, and has performed in hundreds of commercials and industrials. Goforth is a multi-talented threat, who has shared her skills as a VFX expert on a long stream of motion pictures. Goforth produced and cast the upcoming comedy Tomorrow's Today and wrote the movie’s theme song Tomorrow’s Today (Theme Song from “Tomorrow's Today”) guaranteed to put a smile on your face and a hug in your heart every time you hear it. Tomorrow's Today is available at all major music outlets.

The Founders
Kelly Le Brock as Donna on location in New York City in Timothy Hines' TOMORROW'S TODAY.
Above: Director Timothy Hines chats with 10 Days in a Madhouse star Caroline Barry (Nellie Bly) and modern day Nellie Bly, Peabody Award winner, Soledad O'Brien at Geena Davis' Bentonville Film Festival. 10 DAYS IN A MADHOUSE - THE NELLIE BLY STORY played a a sold out premiere @ BFF.
Director Timothy Hines on the set of
Pictured: Timothy Hines directing a scene from 10 Days in a Madhouse with Christopher Lambert and Saskia Larsen.
Director Timothy Hines (L) attends the New theatrical Premiere of 10 Days in a Madhouse with Christopher Lambert (R) and his daughter (C) Eleanor Lambert.
(L) Christopher Lambert and his daughter Eleanor
attend the New York theatrical Premiere of Timothy Hines'
10 Days in a Madhouse.
On location in Astoria, Queens, New York with director TImothy HInes (L), Academy Award nominee Burt Young (LC), stand up comic and co-star of TOMORROW'S TODAY Greg Kritikos (RC) and executive producer Dominick Martini.
Donovan Le

Donovan Le is a producer and actor, known for War Of The Worlds The True Story, Chrome, Earth Angel and 10 Days In A Madhouse and was Kelly Le Brock's production liaison. Over his career he has produced and overseen a variety of commercial successes, including War Of The Worlds The True Story. Le acts regularly in productions for Microsoft, has coordinated stunts for multiple feature films. Le has a background as a restaurant entrepreneur and real estate developer. Whether it be from in front of or behind the camera, Le has been a pivotal creative force in film and television.

Pendragon Pictures has joined forces with School Of Old
to create the comedy feature film TOMORROW'S TODAY
School of Old CEO
Dominick Martini

Dominick Martini is a founder of School of Old Media Entertainment and Executive Producer of Tomorrow's Today. Most recently he executive produced the motion picture Brawler, starring Zach McGowan, Amy Smart and Joe Pantoliano, and Rich Boy Rich Girl starring C. Thomas Howell. Martini has a background in heading corporate security and real estate development before he moved into motion picture production and acting; his two passions alongside of being a major football fan of the Dallas Cowboys.

Director Timothy Hines shooting a green screen insert scene for !0 Days In A Madhouse on Los Angeles stages.(C) 10 Days In A Madhouse star Caroline Barry as Nellie Bly, (L) Kelly Le Brock as Nurse Grant.
Cannes 2015 (l) 10 Days In A Madhouse premiere press conference with star Caroline Barry and director Timothy  on the terrace at the Palais du Festival. 10 Days In A Madhouse opened in US Theaters November 11th, 2015. Starring Caroline Barry, Christopher Lambert, Julia Chantrey, (Mean Girls), Kelly Le Brock.
Director Timothy Hines and star Caroline Barry at the Cannes premiere of 10 Days in a Madhouse - The Nellie Bly Story.
"This Movie Is A Must See."
"Barry Is Instantly Magnetic As Bly."
"Hines does a great job showing how grotesque and abusive the conditions really were."
"it isn't just strawberries, it's strawberries with cream, served during Wimbledon!"
"Lavish devotion to detail and it pays off!"
"One of the most fascinating cinematic experiences I've encountered!"
Star Caroline Barry on the red carpet
at Cannes for the premiere of Timothy Hines' 10 Days in a Madhouse.
In September of 2001, Pendragon Pictures was about to embark on a $42 million tech industry financed live action production of War Of The Worlds with an all star cast.

The planned principle photography
was to begin on September 13th, 2001...

Write: info@pendragonpictures.com
"There have been numerous other translations of Wells’ novel, even a 1988 short lived TV series, but of all the ones I have seen the only two—yes, only two—I find worthy of repeated viewings is the ’53 film and this new 2013 docudrama."

"On a Basic Human Level the Movie Succeeds!"
The movie was eventually re-envisioned and finally filmed as the critically and fan acclaimed WAR OF THE WORLDS THE TRUE STORY.


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